Apps Like Lucky Patcher : Hack In App Purchase For Android

In app purchases is the most common way to earn money through android apps, especially games & utility apps. Most of the free apps available on the play store use this strategy and make millions using the urge of people for more coins/gems, etc entities in the apps. Lucky Patcher is an application which can literally hack into these in-app purchases. Most of the apps succumb to Lucky Patcher and users can get all the coins/gems for free. Today, we will discuss some of the apps like Lucky Patcher. These apps can be really good Lucky Patcher alternatives for long term. For iOS devices iosemus is a popular app. You might want to check lucky patcher apk download.

apps like lucky patcher

Ethically, it is really unfair to use these in-app hack purchases tweaks. The developers of android apps work day and night to build interesting games and interacting apps. In-app purchases is the only way they can earn their living against their work. So we, in any way, do not recommend usage of these lucky patcher alternatives. We are just doing our bit by spreading information about unknown apps to people. It is only appropriate, that people use this as an educational article and do not aim to use them to hack android apps.

#1 Freedom App

Freedom app, can be considered as an exact replica of Lucky Patcher, but with a different name. All the features of Lucky Patcher can be found in the Freedom app. Most of the android apps available on Google play store can be hacked for free in app purchases with the help of Freedom app. As we told you earlier, that these are unethical apps, they are not found on Google Play Store.

As we don’t endorse their usage, we won’t provide you any link to download them. From eliminating ads in the apps, to collecting unlimited in app purchases for free, freedom app is efficient in everything. Also, Freedom app needs root access to perform any function and display its expertise in these acts.

#2 Creehack App

Creehack is not very well known among the android users. But, the creehack app is just as useful as Lucky Patcher or Freedom app. Creehack has all the power to control most of the apps installed in your smartphone. Creehack is eccentric and different than Lucky Patcher and Freedom app in a very user friendly way. Creehack doesn’t require the root access to hack any android app. Yes, this means that anyone irrespective of that fact that he/she has rooted the smartphone or not, can use Creehack.

Creehack, due to these abilities, is lately one of my favorites applications which have been released. Creehack can be used to hack in to most of the android games to make a free purchase of premium stuff. Also, Creehack can manipulate the utilities app to grant you free licensed copies. This means that the upgrade for which you were to pay money, can now be availed for free using Creehack.

Creehack runs in background and does all the nasty stuff by hypnotizing any apps. If we talk about games, users can get any damn character, be it premium, for free with the help of creehack. Similarly, any premium resources in the games can be grabbed for free. Moreover, there is not limit to this. One can get as many resources for free as he/she wants at any moment of time. Which means be it coins, gems, characters, lives, or anything, Creehack can bring that for you without paying anything.

#3 Leoplay Card App

Now, Leoplay Card again is better than Lucky Patcher and Freedom app any day. Very simple reason, it doesn’t require root access for any of it’s feature implementation. However, Leoplay Card works on comparatively lesser apps than any of the apps above. The concept on which Leoplay Card works is similar to that of Creehack. The functions it offer are also similar, like bypassing app upgrades without paying and hacking in-app purchases to get unlimited in-app resources. But, there’s also a high chance of getting banned from the games and apps if you’re tracked down while using Leoplay card or any apps like Lucky Patcher to hack them.

Free In App Purchases Android No Root

We’re still searching for more such apps. As and when we discover them, we will update our list and make you aware of them. But, we again repeat that we don’t recommend them as their primary purpose is to make someone’s hard work go in waste. But, now that you know that such app exist, you can always have fun once in a blue moon with some apps. Be sure not to make this a regular practice, because that is when things go wrong.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark our blog and visit it everyday. We will update articles on new apps regularly and you will find exciting stuff on Blast Processing. Enjoy!

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