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Hello friends. We welcome all of you to the Blast Processing blog. This is the inauguration article of our blog. Here, we will explain you what we are trying to convey the audience through this blog. How we want to help the people in the world by providing useful information. As you’ve already read the title, we are going to talk about different kind of apps here.

Billions of people use smartphone in this globalized world. You just can’t imagine a world with smartphones. They have recapitulated the way we live and, especially, the way we communicate. Furthermore, the smartphone are of next to no use, if not powered by useful and productive apps.

Therefore, we at Blast Processing will aim to provide all the smartphone users around the world, regular updates of trending and popular apps. We’re not talking about WhatsaApp, Facebook or YouTube. No. There are many apps, which are unknown to people, which have immense benefits and use.

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For instance, we will write about many third part apps marketplaces. Don’t know what they are? Well, apart from Google Play Store and iTunes app store, there are many such apps market places. These are not seen in the limelights, because they’re often not authorized by android and iOS. But, they still posses many high quality apps, which are often not found in official app stores.

Next, you can expect posts about android rooting. No, not those lengthy and complicated tutorials. We will post some articles about apps, which can process your request of rooting android smartphone in just few clicks, or rather taps of screen. This will make the rooting process far more easier than ever.

Gaming is again a great demand. We’ve already begun our research of various popular apps. Not the simple and the ones available on play stores. We will provide premium apps and links to their free downloads. Many a times, some gaming apps are made available in only few select countries. We will bring a rescue for this restriction by our premium methods to tackle them.

Apart from this, you can expect many more exciting stuff on the Blast Processing Blog. We are here to serve the people looking for various apps. We will meet next in the upcoming article soon. Till then, watch this awesome video, which shows how apps have developed the modern world.

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